Kansas City Zip Codes and Map

Kansas City, or simply “KC”, is the largest city in Missouri in terms of land and population. More than 500,000 residents enjoy the city’s famous barbecue, an abundance of beautiful fountains, and deep cultural history. Each Kansas city zip code is below.    

List of Each Kansas City Zip Code – Kansas City, MO

52 Kansas City zip codes cover all 200+ neighborhoods in the city. All are listed below with their designated neighborhood/area.

64101 ZIP CODE
Kansas City
64102 ZIP CODE
Shawnee Heights
Westside North
64105 ZIP CODE
The Downtown Loop
River Market
64106 ZIP CODE
Beacon Hills
Columbus Park
Forgotten Homes
64108 ZIP CODE
Crown Center
64109 ZIP CODE
Hyde Park
64110 ZIP CODE
Blenheim Square – Research Hospital
Blue Hills
64111 ZIP CODE
64112 ZIP CODE
Sunset Hill
64113 ZIP CODE
Armour Fields
64114 ZIP CODE
Willow Creek
64116 ZIP CODE
River View
64117 ZIP CODE
River Forest
Cooley Highlands
Chouteau Estates
64118 ZIP CODE
Oakwood Park
64119 ZIP CODE
64120 ZIP CODE
Chouteau Estates
64123 ZIP CODE
Indian Mound
64124 ZIP CODE
Scarritt Point
64125 ZIP CODE
64126 ZIP CODE
Blue Valley
64127 ZIP CODE
Downtown East
64128 ZIP CODE
Boulevard Village
64129 ZIP CODE
Rock Creek South
64130 ZIP CODE
Swope Park 
Kansas City Zoo
64131 ZIP CODE
Legacy East
64132 ZIP CODE
Swope Park 
Kansas City Zoo
64133 ZIP CODE
64134 ZIP CODE
Ruskin Hills
64136 ZIP CODE
Lake Lees Summit
Highland Manor
64137 ZIP CODE
64138 ZIP CODE
Bannister Acres
East Swope Highlands
64139 ZIP CODE
Lake Lees Summit
Little Blue Valley
Unity Ridge
64145 ZIP CODE
Martin City
64146 ZIP CODE
Blue Ridge Farms
64147 ZIP CODE
Richards Gebaur
64149 ZIP CODE
Kansas City
64150 ZIP CODE
64150 ZIP CODE
64151 ZIP CODE
Briarcliff West
Lakeview Terrace
64152 ZIP CODE
64153 ZIP CODE
Park Forest
Platte Ridge
The Coves
64154 ZIP CODE
The Coves
Platte Brook North
64155 ZIP CODE
Barry Harbour
64156 ZIP CODE
64157 ZIP CODE
Kansas City
64158 ZIP CODE
Kansas City
64161 ZIP CODE
64163 ZIP CODE
Kansas City
64164 ZIP CODE
Kansas City
64165 ZIP CODE
64166 ZIP CODE
Kansas City
64167 ZIP CODE
Kansas City
64192 ZIP CODE
Kansas City

Kansas City Neighborhood

More than 240 neighborhoods sprawl within “KC”, all of which are distributed into eight diversified areas or districts. Kansas City’s fascinating culture and engaging points of interest, both locals and tourists alike are lucky to experience the city. Downtown, 18th and Vine, and River Market are only a few of KC’s outstanding neighborhoods.

kansas city zip code

Called the “Heart of America”, Kansas City is the nearest to the geographical center of the contiguous United States. As such, people from all over the country flock to KC every year.