Each Las Vegas Zip Code and Map

Las Vegas attracts a lot of attention for its nightlife and sporting events that draw in crowds of people from all around the world. Each Las Vegas zip code map is listed below. Vegas is the largest city within the Mojave Desert, and the most populous city in the State of Nevada. More than 641,000 residents call this city home and millions more visit  Las Vegas each year to experience “The Entertainment Capital of the World”.

List of each Las Vegas Zip Code map

There are a total of 62 Las Vegas zip codes, containing all neighborhoods of the “Sin City”. All are listed below with their corresponding neighborhood/area.

89002 ZIP CODE
Mission Hills
89005 ZIP CODE
Boulder City
89011 ZIP CODE
Calico Ridge
89012 ZIP CODE
Macdonald Highlands
Macdonald Ranch
89014 ZIP CODE
Green Valley North
89015 ZIP CODE
Valley View
89016 ZIP CODE
River Mountain
89030 ZIP CODE
North Las Vegas
89031 ZIP CODE
North Las Vegas
89032 ZIP CODE
North Las Vegas
89044 ZIP CODE
89052 ZIP CODE
Seven Hills
89074 ZIP CODE
Green Valley South Legacy
Green Valley South
89081 ZIP CODE
North Las Vegas
89084 ZIP CODE
North Las Vegas
89085 ZIP CODE
North Las Vegas
89086 ZIP CODE
North Las Vegas
89087 ZIP CODE
North Las Vegas
89101 ZIP CODE
89102 ZIP CODE
Rancho Charleston
89103 ZIP CODE
Flamingo Heights
89104 ZIP CODE
89106 ZIP CODE
Bonanza Village
West Las Vegas
89107 ZIP CODE
Charleston Heights
89108 ZIP CODE
Michael Way
89109 ZIP CODE
89110 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89113 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89115 ZIP CODE
North Las Vegas
89117 ZIP CODE
West Sahara
The Lakes
89118 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89119 ZIP CODE
McCarran International Airport
89120 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89121 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89122 ZIP CODE
89123 ZIP CODE
89124 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89128 ZIP CODE
Summerlin North
89129 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89130 ZIP CODE
Sheep Mountain
North Cheyenne
89131 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89134 ZIP CODE
Summerlin North
89135 ZIP CODE
Summerlin South
89138 ZIP CODE
Summerlin North
89139 ZIP CODE
89141 ZIP CODE
89142 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89143 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89144 ZIP CODE
Summerlin North
89145 ZIP CODE
Angel Park
89146 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89147 ZIP CODE
Buffalo Ranch
89148 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89149 ZIP CODE
Centennial Hills
89156 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89158 ZIP CODE
Cultural Corridor
89161 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89166 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89169 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89178 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89179 ZIP CODE
Las Vegas
89183 ZIP CODE


Las Vegas Neighborhood

Like its climate, Vegas’ neighborhoods border on the extremes.  Some neighborhoods are family-friendly, regarded as one of the best places in the state, while others experience poverty and higher crime rates than the national average. Still, Las Vegas remains one of the most sought-after places in the United States. Downtown, Summerlin, and West Las Vegas are some of the most well-known neighborhoods in Vegas.

las vegas zip code map

Las Vegas is a bustling, thriving, and continuously rising city, and it will be, as long as there are those who are willing to go all-in.